Principal Engineer

Palo Alto  |  Full Time  |  Tech & Engineering

About Glide Health

Glide Health is the world’s first cross-functional revenue intelligence product for healthcare providers, which reduces denials, appeals costs and administrative waste by timely interventions delivered across the front office, treatment pathway planning and the back-office. The product delivers reduced cash collection cycles through intelligent denials management, improved patient engagement through affordable treatment pathways and increased revenues through reduced rejections.

Glide Health comes pre-built with deep domain knowledge about payers and managed care plans, which drives its highly sophisticated AI-based modeling of payer behavior customized to individual patients and their managed care plans. It preempts possible errors or gaps in claims by intervening in the front-office by ensuring requirements like prior authorizations are met. It digitally guides clinical care by offering customized pathway plan options that are more affordable for patients and optimizes revenue collections for the provider by integrating with practice management platforms. The patients’ liabilities and payer collectibles are modeled, while the patient is still with the provider long before the claims are processed in the back-office. This paves the way for better payment assurance from the patients and very accurate revenue projections for the provider. These early interventions significantly reduce the administrative costs of managing revenue cycle and shortens cash collection cycles through integrations with existing RCM platforms.

About the Role

The Principal Engineer role will be leading the architecture as well as hands on development of our core platform. As a Principal Engineer, you will not only be setting guideline on how to design, implement and operate at both the platform and architecture level but more importantly contribute meaningfully at code level for continuous improvements and delivery. This role is an ideal combination of technical architecture, vision and hands on delivery. You will be asked to develop a solid understanding of our business domain, product understanding and deep technical knowledge to deliver the solution.


  • Design and develop healthcare and financial data compliant system for HIPAA, PCI and other compliance needs
  • Lead full-stack product development efforts as well as help out in other areas of
    software development, including, tooling, devops and analytics
  • Spend 60% of your time on code, 25% on architecture, and 15% mentoring engineers and other team members
  • Participate in the analysis and clarification of business requirements
  • Participate in design and code reviews – learn from as well as teach other team
  • Be involved in choosing new technologies and tooling for our stack
  • Represent the business when speaking to customers or community members.

About You

The successful candidate will have experience in working in innovative teams with fast-paced delivery schedules in startups & other small enterprises, more specifically –

  • 10+ years of experience planning, building, and scaling high-quality SaaS products.
  • In depth knowledge of Python, Django as well as Java/Spring. Different components
    our platform require different technology choices.
  • Passion for writing code that is scalable, maintainable, reusable, and well-tested.
  • Comfort debugging large applications and refactoring them to well-tested components and services.
  • Ability to identify and proactively communicate infrastructure, product features, and technology issues that cut across multiple products.
  • Track record of deploying and maintaining distributed systems in production
  • Track record of using influence to lead a group of engineers to achieve architectural
  • Experience building and supporting libraries used by multiple teams
  • Know how to operate distributed systems in accessible and functional development environment and know the good, bad and ugly of such systems
  • Good understanding and experience with Continuous Delivery
  • Good understanding and experience with Information Security
  • Good understanding and experience with Immutable infrastructure and container based technologies
  • BS/MS degree in Computer Science or equivalent experience