Glide Health: The Future of Healthcare Financial Innovation

My journey into the health care field began when my grandmother and uncle were diagnosed with cancer. I watched as my mom spent days and months in the hospital while my grandmother battled lung cancer. I saw my aunt, as primary caregiver, help my uncle enhance his quality of life as he battled colon cancer. The loss of these family members with whom I was very close, left a profound mark on my life and made me realize I wanted to do what I could to help people with health-related challenges.

After college, I had an opportunity to work for an oncology services company that provided distribution, technology, and clinical services to healthcare providers. I was building data interfaces between early EHRs, Inventory, and Labs and Billing systems, and supporting customers utilizing these solutions. The role provided an opportunity to spend time with providers and their patients, and it allowed me to better understand the challenges of delivering high-quality care in a dynamic health care environment. This experience set me on a lifelong journey to develop solutions for providers to help increase efficiency, improve financial performance, and patient outcomes.

Over the last 20 years, I have led teams that have built innovative solutions for health care providers. We have made a great deal of progress digitizing the clinical, operational, and financial processes, but we still have a long way to go. In my role as CTO and General Manager of Technology Solutions for McKesson Specialty Health, we built and deployed solutions like electronic health records to digitize the clinical process, clinical decision support solutions to help providers standardize care and patient portals to connect patients to their clinical information. Financial innovation took a back seat to the clinical focus of the healthcare industry as providers struggled to predict and forecast revenue and cash flow effectively. As we look to the future, we need to continue to focus on ways we can improve practice and provider efficiency by creating highly intuitive solutions leveraging technologies, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning to improve financial performance for providers and reduce financial impact on patients.

We started Glide Health to bring new technology and solutions to the healthcare market with a goal to improve operational and financial efficiencies and outcomes for providers and their patients. Our top priority is the provider and their patients and ensuring the best possible financial outcome for both. We are looking for opportunities to solve some of healthcare’s most difficult problems leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning to improve revenue and cash flow by predicting and addressing negative financial events like denied claims, prior authorization and aged accounts receivable. The financial performance of our healthcare providers has never been more at risk and the opportunity to help improve that performance more important. I am excited about our team, our platform, and the road ahead.