System of Revenue Intelligence

Our proprietary AI and machine learning technology connects across operations, integrates with practice management, billing and EHR systems to provide targeted guidance to improve revenue and cash flow

Proprietary models built on hundreds of millions of historical claims spanning all major treatments, provider specialties, and major payersSaaS application built on highly scalable AWS cloud and easy API integrations to key EHRs and Practice management systems

System of Revenue Intelligence

Dynamic Denials Prevention (DDP)

Deep analysis of claims and remittance information to identify denials trends, and prevent denials from happening with more accurate claims submission

Intelligent Prior Authorizations (IPA)

Predict and recommend prior authorization based on payer, plan and treatment


Dynamic Denials Prevention (DDP)

Traditional claim scrubbing solutions do a fair job of preventing denials based on static claim formatting rules, but first pass denial rates today still average 15%-20%

Industry averages report that nearly 20 percent of all claims are denied, rejected or underpaid. And considering the cost to rework claims, not to mention even higher appeal costs, as many as 60 percent of returned claims are never resubmitted.


Each payer and plan may have different requirements increasing the complexity of the denial management process.


Making recommendations to manage denials, improve payment recovery and optimize billing


Glide solution optimizes the appeals’ management process analyzing administrative errors, medical policy changes or payer errors


Intelligent Prior Authorization (IPA)

Identify patient orders that require prior authorization (particularly high value drugs, treatments) based on Glide recommendations

ipa dashboard

Dynamic Payer Requirements

Payer PA requirements change throughout the year a digital solution helps to keep staff up to date preventing denials

New Treatments

Identifies PA requirements for new treatments including drugs and procedures in real time.


Identifies new Payers and their PA requirements in real time

Knowledge Sharing

Supports knowledge sharing and financial counselor/billing staff training with a more consistent and dynamically identified set of PA and Claims rules

Manage PA Turnaround Time

Glide forecasts turn around time and alerts when PA timeline is at risk

New Employee\Turnover

Supports new employees from day 1 and reduce turnover impact


Glide supports scaling PA efforts and centralization; traditional approaches rely on innate resource knowledge.


Includes volume, breakdown by payer, treatment, revenue, turn-around time, a prospective view, etc.